How can we help you ? 

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday our workshop is open to the public for purchasing bikes, products and parts and to bring your bicycle in for repairs or maintenance. Small repairs are usually ready the same day if you bring it in before 1pm and if we have the materials in stock. If you bring your racebike in the afternoon it will be ready the next day. Bigger repairs and custom-built bikes are usually ready the next week.

If you are looking for a custom build bicycle it is best to make an appointment to see what option we have for you and whats fits best to your wishes !

Also if you come from far and plan to purchase a bicycle at our store the best way to make sure we have something for you is to send us an email so we can reserve some time for you and make sure you will find what you’re looking for.

Appointments can be made via the contact form on our website, by  email or drop us a message on our facebook page. Thursdays we tend to focus on new projects / customised bicycles and any specific questions you might have. This way we’ll have more time to help make the bike of your dreams !

**We DO NOT repair E-bikes. We don’t rent out bicycles nor do we sell mountain bikes and modern city bikes.

Curious about our prices?