We can order any saddle NEW and we also have quite a few used ones for the real vintage look !

The Concor
One of the must of the Vintage line, which includes the saddles that have made the history of the brand. Models that still offer high performance and are an icon of style for lovers of the classics.
This is the original Concor which revolutionised racing. Debuted in 1989, it was a whole new concept of saddle design and quickly became an icon due to its design and lightness.

The Regal
Born at the end of the Seventies, this saddle has been active on the Pro race scene for over 20 years. The biggest champions chose it for comfort and style and now it belongs to Vintage line with all its elegance and classic spirit, keeping its distinctive copper rivets on the elegant rino leather cover.

The Rolls
It comes from a success of the Eighties, one of the most known and most loved racing saddles.
All the charm of the past in a model that always stands out for the comfort and its performance, with a shape that all cyclists love because of its adaptability.
The details are unique, as the gold finishing and the back plate with the name of the saddle.
In this version you can feel all its beauty with the elegant rino leather cover.