Gropes Bar Grips

Gropes are lace-up handlebar grips. They are handmade from high quality leather with pre-punched holes. The idea was inspired by original leather-wrap grips, but recreated with a twist. They come with extra-long laces and are available in two sizes and many colour combinations. And if you know how to tie a shoelace, you know how to fit Gropes.



The leather strips are available in two sizes: Short: W80mm x L126mm
price: 35 EUR
Long Gropes: W80mm x L504mm
price: 55 EUR

Gropes leather

High-quality vegetable tanned cowhide from Italy, personally selected for us by Alison Lloyd, the Founder of Ally Capellino. It is a leather thats stays flexible and moulds to its job. Gropes leathers are supplied with pre-punched holes and heavy-duty double-sided tape on the reverse.

*Available in seven colours: black, brown, natural, honey, red and yellow and cobalt.

Gropes laces

Laces are made from 100% Polyester. This makes for a harder-wearing product.
Because Gropes laces work just like shoelaces, discovering your own preferred lacing style is all part of the fun of customisation. Visit this great website that boasts it will show you 35 different ways to lace shoes: