BLB Classic Fender – flat, full length strong and weather resistant fenders for racing and city bikes.

Supplied with an adjustable clip-on system to fit any frame, and unique CNC’d brake cut outs to fit slim brake clearances and frames without mudguard drillings.

  • Silver – price 87 euro
  • Black – price 75 euro

BLB Classic Wood Fender

100% bamboo wood flat full length fenders. Bamboo is a natural yet strong material that has flex and water resistant attributes. This is the perfect accessory to compliment an elegant and classic build.

BLB Wood fenders are part of our classic fender range, all supplied with unique CNC cut outs to enable full length fenders to fit racing and city bikes. Also supplied with a clip on system to fit any frame and fork.

  • Bamboo – price 95 euro