Classic city bikes customized to your wishes.

At Achielle, we do not just build bicycles, we build your bicycle. Each and every Achielle is made to order. You choose your model and then begin designing. You decide what to add and what not. You start with choosing one or several colours. However, you can also personally determine the number and type of gears, the kind of brakes, the colours of the tyres, the saddle and even the colour of your chain. Our configurator enables you to explore all possibilities. If desired, our dealers will gladly help you with all the details.

Once you have ordered your bike, we will start building it, from cutting tubes over painting the frame to completing the assembly. A few weeks later you can collect your own Achielle with your dealer.

to configurate your own bike drop by our shop to get informed about the options or go to where you can design your own bike !

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